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[ROM] SAGA LBC MOD v0.5.3 – Released

A new fantastic update for Saga LBC Mod is now online. some quick infos what is new in this version…

[ROM] SAGA LBC MOD v0.5.2 – Released

A new fantastic update for Saga LBC Mod is now online.
For me the best one i created so far.

OTA Update for HTC Desire S

  Updates via Rom Manager and Over The Air Beta Key Lottery for test newest features     some nice new feature on the website, if you didn´t noticed yet… a kind of „realtime“ changelog gives you the information what comes next and what is done already. i will reduce the update rate to something …

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Sense 3.0 Update for HTC Desire S

  Saga LBC Mod with 3D Launcher? I just build the first really good working package to use the newest ports of Sense 3.0 Apps made by seo (xda) and his crew. Check out the Screenshots HERE. Seems like there are a lot of people involved, so let´s give them credits. – thanks to Virtuous Unity Team …

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[ROM] SAGA LBC MOD v0.5.1 – Released

  HTC Desire S gets updated Sense 3.0 Stuff Custom Rom for Android   Here is the Rom you´ve all been waiting for. Its finally done and working great. Latest test where finished and i´m repacking everything to an update package. The Upload will take his time, like always but it´s nearly done. You can find …

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