[ROM] SAGA LBC MOD v0.5.3 – Released

HTC Desire S new Update with some nice Improvements

saga lbc mod v0.5.3 for htc desire s - custom rom - mod   A new fantastic update for Saga LBC Mod is now online. some quick infos what is new in this version: i cleaned up a lot of files and deleted stupid stuff. added some more improvements to the configartion files inspired by this great community on xda developers. the homescreen launcher should be run much smoother and stable. based on the mods by the good old milestone guys here: [UPDATE 5] V6 SuperCharger !! HTK & BulletProof Launchers! ALL ANDROID MEMORY FIXES! there are some new startup scripts to improve the performance and to fix some things for you. the battery calibrates itself now. just flash the rom, recharge your battery to 100% and than do a normal reboot (no fast reboot) you can check the complete changelog on my CHANGELOG page.

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[ROM] SAGA LBC MOD v0.5.2 – Released


HTC Desire S gets chinese and arabic language Support

Update Saga LBC Mod v0.5.2 Android Custom Rom HTC Desire SA new fantastic update for Saga LBC Mod is now online.
For me the best one i created so far.

It comes with great new features like chinese and arabic languages support (and a lot of more). We have a new kernel made by m-deejay by xda developers and the great overclocking deamon made by the virtuous unity team on xda.

some smaller fixes are apnlist fix, added adhoc network support, the browser can now handle 16 open tabs and a lot of minor tweaks and fixes.

you can check the complete changelog on my CHANGELOG page.


Since my internet connection is weak you´ll have to wait until midnight (berlin time) to find the get the download-links.


You can find the them later here: DOWNLOADS

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Clockworkmod Recovery v4.0.0.5 for HTC Desire S

Clockworkmod Recovery v4.0.0.5 for HTC Desire SCustom Recovery Updated

Hey Guys,

i just started the compiler and made a fresh copy of the brandnew version of clockworkmod recovery for you.

it´s now on v4.0.0.5

there is nothing special to say about the changelog. just visit the homepage of the developer for rom manager and clockworkmod recovery, koush.


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OTA Update for HTC Desire S


Updates via Rom Manager and Over The Air

Beta Key Lottery for test newest features



OTA Updates for HTC Desire S with Custom Rom

some nice new feature on the website, if you didn´t noticed yet…
gives you the information what comes next and what is done already.
i will reduce the update rate to something around once a week.
and good news for everybody.i got some webspace sponsored from a friend (@grafgrau) for a limited time to test traffic and to implement OTA updates of that rom via koush´s rom manager.

so v0.5.2 is on hold cause i want to implement the first OTA needed things for rom manager support.

Sense 3.0 Update for HTC Desire S


Saga LBC Mod with 3D Launcher?

just build the first really good working package to use the newest ports of Sense 3.0 Apps made by seo (xda) and his crew.
Check out the Screenshots HERE.

Seems like there are a lot of people involved, so let´s give them credits.
– thanks to Virtuous Unity Team for the good base and resizing help
– thanks to diamondback and damo (Rosie_workspace from his rom as base for editing)
you can follow the development process on XDA Developers:

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