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How to calibrate android battery log

How to calibrate your battery log for HTC Desire S

for all who might think they have battery issues please follow this workaround to reset the battery log correctly



i found a very good guide and about the „how and why?“

i will link it here, cause it´s a good guide. why write the same again. the poster also created a little app which helps you to recharge your battery to the max… than it will help you to delete stats.

i would suggest to support this developer. he made an easy tool which helps a lot to use full battery strength.

how to calibrate android battery log

how to calibrate android battery log

please read here: [APP] Battery Calibration – EASIEST WAY! – Version 1.2 (10th April, 2011)

Or download it here from android market / google play store: Battery Calibration

use your phone some days and always make shure you recharge your phone every time to 100% and use it as long as possible. after some days you will see the difference.

i use my rom with default OC (1GHz) with much calls, wifi at home, surfing and syncing round about 30-36h until i have to recharge it.

please make also shure that you wipe this battery stats every time you install a new rom or new version of you favorite rom.

this reduces flames to the developer about battery life about nearly 100%

please watch that after this guide and report on xda if battery life goes up depending on your usage of course. everyone is using his/her phone in a different way. wifi and syncing eating a lot of battery. also htc sync and phone finder. report htc (which is removed on newest build) was battery eater.



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