Some Screenshots from Saga LBC Mod

Custom Rom for HTC Desire S

Bootanimations, Sense 3.0 Weather SMS and Lockscreen App, Advanced Menus and more

Screenshots from Saga LBC Mod

Boot- and Shut-Down Animation
Launcher and Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
Advanced Power Button and Reboot Menu
Version and HTC Keyboard with Arrow Keys
Sense 3.0 Lockscreen Themes and Shortcuts
Themes for Clock or Weather
Sense 3.0 Weather App
Forecast and Weather Demo
Sense 3.0 USB Connection Manager and Task Manager
Advanced Quick Settings and Notification Area
CM7 List Scroll Glow Effect and moded SMS App with Custom Smilies
New Google Music App and Google Car Home
Overclocking (up to 1,7 GHz) and Benchmarks (60MFlops and more in Linpack)
Benchmarks in Quadrant and Neocore

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