Changelog for Saga LBC Mod - HTC Desire S

Changelog for Saga LBC Mod

Custom Rom for HTC Desire S (HTC Saga)


  • ROM is cooked with the newest Version of dsixda’s HTC Android Kitchen 0.177
  • better compression scripts
  • complete rebuild from new source HTC WWE 1.48.707.1
  • hopefully comes via OTA update from RomManager
  • superuser 3.0 beta4 & new su script
  • reduced all mods to the stock rom, real clean sense 2.1 and android 2.3.3
  • reduced rom size to 250MB by removing stuff and put them into add-on packages
  • all sense 3.0 content gets his own add-on (lockscreen & weather, cam, sms, 3D launcher, 3D widgets etc.) and if possible a add-off to safely remove mods
  • more add-ons made for better customisations (footprints or locations, google apps, sense 2 add-offs for cam and weather)
  • cleaned up etc/init.d/ scripts
  • added new features to etc/init.d/ scripts (launcher perfomance, memory tweaks, cpu tweaks for stock kernel)
  • removed custom kernel, stock htc kernel is used
  • package for UOT kitchen to mod battery, colors, window animations, transparency, fonts, bootanimations etc.
  • package to remove framework-res mods and get absolute clean stock rom
  • removed wifi range fix and adhoc support cause of old sources
  • new market version 3.0.27
  • new google video and music app (for those who are interested)
  • google talk with voice & video chat




  •  added download of the rom via RomManager
  •  added OTA Update support


this is only a little service update to upgrade your phones with OTA update support

this is just only one file (/system/build.prop)




  • ROM is cooked with the newest Version of dsixda’s HTC Android Kitchen 0.171
  • cleaned up some configuration files (Device changed everywhere to Desire S, removed all HTC Scenes)
  • enabled custom wallpaper for this project in HTC Wallpaper Gallery
  • put in some more improvements to the build.prop and /data/local.prop inspired by autokiller app and zeppelinrox
  • decreased ringer delay (means instant ringing when receiving call)
  • adding some tweaks to rosie launcher preferences (smoother scrolling in launcher and lists, better launcher performance, bulletproove launcher mod)
  • added a „automatic“ battery calibrating script made by seo
  • fix for „sms app has no contact pictures after fix permissions“
  • corrected some colors in framework-res.apk
  • added new market v3.0.26
  • all google-apps and titanium backup updated to the latest version
  • Updated ChainsDD Superuser.apk to as well as ’su‘ binary to 2.3.2-efgh
  • Unity Kernel V2 *fixed Version*
  • added first beta versions of language add-ons for hebrew and arabic (still under development) check HERE
  • added stock framework (without any mods) for building your own stuff like another battery mod, glow color or smilies etc with UOT Kitchen to ADD-ONs




  • New Kernel added by m-deejay – [KERNEL][June17]-=UNITY V1=-[][SENSE 2.1][OC/UV][CIFS/TUN][SLQB][V(R)][2WCR]
  • added virtuous overclocking daemon by rmk40 – introduced here: [ROM][Jun 14] Virtuous Unity 1.24.0 Sense 3.0 based on Pyramid
  • overclock settings:
    – sleep: min 245MHz / max 368MHz / conservativ
    – wake: min 245MHz / max 1017MHz / ondemand
    – > everything can be changed with a text editor in /etc/virtuous_oc
  • enabled HEBREW, ARABIC and CHINESE – wipe if you want that feature and choose from setup wizard – thx to seo for helping
  • apn list bug fixed – – thx to seo for helping
  • added adhoc network access again – forget that after rebuild
  • browser can now handle 16 !!! open tabs not 5 😉
  • removed auto-brightness tweak cause it suckz ne 😉
  • changed bootsound to a short quite click sound, old one always terrifying me 😉
  • changed color of circle battery icon and list scroll glow to #719500
  • changed icon of google talk app
  • removed following apps
    – Updater.apk – we can´t use HTC OTA´ Updates – also battery drain
    – HtcCompressViewer.apk – stupid zip file viewer with NO features
    – FieldTest.apk – a stupid app with no sense
    – HtcFeedback.apk – we won´t tell HTC that we have a cooler Rom than the original one 😉
    – HtcLaputaInstaller.apk – disabled the Laputer Launcher and doubbled HTC Car Launcher in App menu
    – SoundRecorder.apk – HTC Voice Recorder still works
    – Protips.apk – we are pros… these tipps are stupid 😉
    – HtcTipWidget.apk – the app is the same like Protips.apk
  • rewrite [CWM-RECOVERY-APP]FULL WIPE for Desire S
    easy tool to wipe everything without clicking 100 options in CWM recovery 😉
  • added Custom Wallpapers – PREVIEW



  • changed back to RUU_Saga_Telstra_WWE_1.36.841.3
  • WWE languges support is back again (but sadly without chinese yet)
  • APN List should find nearly every Provider, if not tell me please
  • HTC Facebook Sync works again
  • no FC´s in some Apps like eReader
  • fixed no incomming caller id  (e.g. +49176 and 0176)
  • screentimeout widget is back again



  • updated to the latest HTC Build Saga_HTCCN_CHS_1.43.1400.1 Radio_20.28f.30.085AU_3 805.04.02.28_M_test_190105
  • new HTC IME (keyboard) with arrows (from incredible s rom)
  • updated seo´s sense 3.0 stuff to his latest updates (Lockscreen v0.15; cam v.0.12; weather 0.13)
  • added fix for 12h/24h in weather forecast
  • added some HTC blodware (EReader, Footprints, Locations, Polaris Office, Press Reader) couldn´t remember if i deleted it in last builds or include it so it´s back again, cause this is a nearly stock rom mod
  • added a new shut down animation (like bootanimation, but in red)
  • added tweaked google talk v1.3
  • moved bootsound to /data/local, you can delete it or use your own (rename it to android_audio.mp3)



  • NEW KERNEL (OC/UV) with custom gouveners and more made by m-deejay source: [KERNEL][May28]-=MDJ’s V2=-[][SENSE 2.1][OC/UV][CIFS/TUN][SLQB][V(R)] – please discuss this kernel in m-deejay post – thx
  • created package to change to BLACK LOCKSCREEN



  • NEW KERNEL (OC/UV) with custom gouveners and more made by chwads2k8 source: Kernel – GB 2.6.35 SKernel V0.2 OC 1.8ghz Update – please discuss this kernel in chwads2k8 post – thx
  • new Sense 3.0 Content – Camera made by seo source: [DEV] KINGDOM Lockscreen, Camera, SMS & Weather for Sense 2.1 GB Roms
  • updated the other Sense 3.0 apps to the latest version – thx seo
  • removed the last TELSTRA Softwarebranding in the Musicplayer
  • added media volume and task manager to quick-menu and rearranged the options
  • created packags to remove cam, if there are problems
  • created package to revert back to htc stock kernel, if you have problem





  • added some tweaks to the build.prob
  • wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=60 (old 15) (this caused that the phone didn´t spend so much time on scanning for WiFi conections)
  • dalvik.vm.heapsize=64m (old 32m) (since we have soooo much RAM on our device let´s pimp this a little up)
  • added some tweaks for mobile connections. this should improve network speeds. this should perform better if you are on edge and give some more speed on 3G.
  • readded the fix for wifi range made my gtg465x source: [FIX] For wifi connection dropping too easily/often
  • added a custom lower-auto-brightness-tweak inspired by slopppy read his investigations to understand the NEW mechanik of auto-brightness Lower Auto-Brightness Settings for FROYO / GINGERBREAD Sense ROMs thank you very much sloppy



  • build from RUU_Saga_Telstra_WWE_1.36.841.3 which is the newest version we can get at the moment
  • added more languages, cause this WWE only had english, LOL
  • removed the Telstra software branding
  • fixed the bug with the reboot menu options and icons as well as the advanced quick settings icons
  • updated all seo´s sense 3.0 content to the newest versions (sms v.08 will come later today)
  • fixed some bugs in HTCAlbum.apk which always FC´s





  • added CM7 list scroll glow effect in framework-res


v0.2 – we have a BETA now 😀

  • Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
  • Sense 3.0 LiveWallPaper
  • Sense 3.0 Task Killer App
  • Sense 3.0 USB-Connection App
  • Sense 3.0 SMS/MMS App
  • Gingerbread CRT Screen Off Animation (Thx to MarylandCookie for your help here)
  • modded framework-res.apk (Cricle Battery Mod, Statusbar Animations)
  • tweaked Memory Usage (tuned up the internal android min free memory manager)
  • NEW Google Talk App with Audio/Video Call Support
  • moved some Apps from System to Data for Safe Uninstall (see list below)
  • fixed a Problem with signing keys that cause that some apps couldn´t be installed (like maps or flash)
  • added [FIX]For wifi connection dropping too easily/often by gtg465x – thx a lot for that
  • added following apps in data: adobe reader, adfree, facebook, google docs, street view, voicesearch, youtube, all those funny HTC widgets (like call your mom or fake call), twitter and rom manager

v0.01 alpha – First Release

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