Add-Ons for Saga LBC Mod - HTC Desire S

Add-ons for Saga LBC Mod – Custom Rom

HTC Desire S (HTC Saga)

!please do not mirror this files!

Google Apps + More

Google Apps + More Add-On

Including following Apps:

flash player, facebook, carhome,
chrome2phone, google docs, google voice,
maps, google+, quicksearch, music 3.0,
streetview, videos 3.0, voicesearc, youtube, twitter

Flash this Package if you want those apps in /system and not in /data


HTC Stock Kernel from Build 1.36.481


Sense 3.0 Add-Ons


Read more details: HERE

Sense 3 3D Launcher and 3D Widgets
Sense 3 Weather and Lockscreen
Black Lockscreen Ring

Silver Lockscreen Ring
Sense 2 Weather for Kingdom Lock Screen
Sense 2 Old Weather Sounds
Sense 3 New Weather Sounds
Sense 2 SMS App for Kingdom Lock Screen
Sense 3 SMS App with backup
Sense 3 Cam

Lockations or Footprints

HTC Footprints + HTC Car-Panel

HTC Locations

Please use only one of these Apps, never both together!


this is the first mod from the community. thanks to axelpix who improved the first ideas of this mod.
you can read about it here: „I fiddled around a bit with the AutoBacklight…“

his newest version is this one:

to undo those tweaks use this zip file with my stock framework-res.apk

Links removed until there are updated Versions

Launcher Mods for Sense 2.1 Launcher

Stock Launcher (4 Rows for Apps)

Transparent Launcher (4 Rows for Apps)
Stock Launcher (5 Rows for Apps)
5_row_apps_rosie_stock.zipTransparent Launcher (5 Rows for Apps)

Notification Bar Mods

Transparent Notification Bar

Default (white) Notification Bar

Links removed until there are updated Versions



HTC Stock Keyboard with Arrow Keys

HTC Stock Keyboard without Arrow Keys

Gingerbread CM7 Keyboard




reported issues with shape of the letters, not perfect for now


no complete translation for now, but full RTL support in gmail and browser


Stock Framework Files

Package for UOT Kitchen


You can use this file to create your own Mod with UOT Kitchen
It´s a clean file from RUU, no Mods, no Battery Icons, etc. 

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