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Modded Clockworkmod Recovery

Custom Mods of CWM Recovery for HTC Desire S

Here i want to present two custom mods of clockworkmod recovery.


edit: development is very fast… the superhero madmaxx82  from xda merged this features from older mods and rewrites everything from scratch.

please use his recovery. it´s working with unity kernel and has awesome features.

Just have a look on this site: 4EXTRecovery v1.1.1 | STAY @EXT4 | Convert EXT4 without losing data | Advanced Backup

j_r0dd´s modded version:

ATTENTION: May not work together with MDJ´s Unity Kernel. Need confirming that new compiled version is working.

See this post for a test version.

the first ist based on the newest version, which is v4.0.0.5

it is made by xda developer j_r0dd. so it is totaly his work.

i compiled his stuff to get it working for our HTC Desire S.

check out the screenshots from his original post on xda developers.

Clockwork Mod Recovery modded by j_r0ddClockwork Mod Recovery modded by j_r0ddClockwork Mod Recovery modded by j_r0ddClockwork Mod Recovery modded by j_r0dd

As you can see it has a cleaned up options menu.

features like „wipe all“ and all other wipe options like „wipe cache“, „wipe data“, „wipe system“ or „wipe dalivik“ are now included in ONE menu not in 3.

j_r0dd changed the „confirm menu“ too. he shorten the options to ONE „YES“ and ONE „NO“ 😉

these little changes safes a lot of time, cause you needn´t klick so much.

you can download this version here:

downloadlink: PG88IMG-RECOVERYIMG-v4.0.0.5-j_r0dd-mod.zip

removed links cause of reported problems with unity kernel. until this isn´t clear this link is removed. see test version above.

arco68´s modded version:

the second version is made by xda developer arco68. the same like above… he made it, i compiled it for HTC desire s.

here is his original post on xda developers: [Recovery] ClockworkMod v3.1.0.2 (with offmode charging)


it´s a little bit older but doing his job very well.

i know this mod from my wildfire days and used it for quite a long time.

Clockwork Mod Recovery modded by arco68

the bonus features in this version are a „full wipe“ option and an „advanced backup“

Clockwork Mod Recovery modded by arco68

sounds not much but for me this advanced backup option is the best i ever used.

you can choose which partionions you want to backup.

for me as rom-chef it´s enough to backup system.img and boot.img to cook a rom from that. taht safes me a lot of sdcard space and time.

for you it could manage your data.img backups. e.g. backup data.img and cache.img, wipe your phone, install newest version of saga lbc mod or another rom, restore your data.img and cache.img with „advanced restore“ option.

you can download this version here:

downloadlink: PG88IMG-RECOVERYIMG-v3.1.0.2-arco-mod.zip

confirmed working with unity kernel.


You only want the standard version of Clockworkmod Recovery?

Have a look here: Custom Recovery for HTC Desire S


  1. download zip package you want or need
  2. put it on the root of your sdcard
  3. rename it to PG88IMG.zip
  4. reboot your phone in bootloader
  5. go into hboot
  6. hboot will check your sdcard for the PG88IMG.zip and ask if you want to flash radio.img
  7. confirm flahing
  8. reboot your phone
  9. rename the PG88IMG.zip back to something else cause if you are in bootloader, hboot will try to flash that file every time when it is named PG88IMG.zip

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