Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery for HTC Desire S
(HTC Saga)

compiled from source code

Clockworkmod Recovery v4.0.0.5 for HTC Desire S

Clockworkmod Recovery v4.0.0.5


ATTENTION: May not work together with MDJ´s Unity Kernel. Need confirming that new compiled version is working.

See this post for a test version.


removed download cause of problems reported with unity kernel. until this isn´t clear this link is removed.

Clockworkmod Recovery v3.2.0.0


Clockworkmod Recovery v3.1.0.1


You want a special modded version of Clockworkmod Recovery?

Have a look here: Modded Clockworkmod Recovery for HTC Desire S 



  1. download zip package you want or need
  2. put it on the root of your sdcard
  3. rename it to
  4. reboot your phone in bootloader
  5. go into hboot
  6. hboot will check your sdcard for the and ask if you want to flash radio.img
  7. confirm flahing
  8. reboot your phone
  9. rename the back to something else cause if you are in bootloader, hboot will try to flash that file every time when it is named

Discuss at XDA Developers:


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Modded Clockworkmod Recovery

Custom Mods of CWM Recovery for HTC Desire S Here i want to present two custom mods of clockworkmod recovery. *READ THIS FIRST* edit: development is very fast… the superhero madmaxx82  from xda merged this features from older mods and rewrites everything from scratch. please use his recovery. it´s working with unity kernel and has …

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