Sense 3.0 Update for HTC Desire S


Saga LBC Mod with 3D Launcher?

just build the first really good working package to use the newest ports of Sense 3.0 Apps made by seo (xda) and his crew.
Check out the Screenshots HERE.

Seems like there are a lot of people involved, so let´s give them credits.
– thanks to Virtuous Unity Team for the good base and resizing help
– thanks to diamondback and damo (Rosie_workspace from his rom as base for editing)
you can follow the development process on XDA Developers:


So what does that mean for all you Saga LBC Mod Users?


v.0.6.0 is NEAR !!!

sadly for you is that you have to do a complete wipe, means factory reset do use this.

since that is under heavy development please don´t report bugs on the beta i prepared for you. (NOT YET RELEASED)
there will be a flashable zip file for you in the next days, when i finised testing and fixing.

  • The Saga LBC 3DMod will contain the following 3D widgets:
  • – HTC FM Radio
  • – HTC SMS Widget
  • – HTC Music Widget
  • – HTC Twitter Widget
  • – HTC Bookmarks Widget
  • – HTC Calculator Widget
  • – HTC 3D Clock Widget
  • – HTC Contacts Widget
  • – HTC Mail Widget
  • – HTC PhotoGrid Widget
  • – HTC PhotoAlbum Widget
  • – HTC Weather 3D Widget
  • – Rosie 3D Launcher
  • – New HTC Sense Wallpaper

So stay tuned  and follow me on TWITTER or the XDA Developer Page for the latest news.


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