Sense 3.0 and more for HTC Desire S – Saga LBC Mod

Saga LBC Mod will get update to v0.5.1 in the next days

Custom Rom for HTC Desire S (HTC Saga)

Saga LBC Mod v0.5.1i´m currently working on the „fix-all-fu**ing-bugs“ edition which will be v0.5.1 or something above 😉

i just wanted to implement the latest fixes i prepared like chinese language support and the apn list fix.

i also tried some test rom´s i build with seo´s sense 3.0 launcher and 3D widgets but sadly this is not ready for desire s yet.

it´s working but with a lot of fc´s and 2 or 3 non working widgets.

but keep this as a promise, i WILL have my eyes on that


some people asked for ETA´s (release dates)…

please don´t do that 😉 it´s like everywhere in this forum:

„it´s done when it´s done“

if you have problems with v0.5.0 please downgrade to v0.4.6. bugs are gone and you can enjoy your phone.
please stop reporting bugs on that. that version is a bitch 😉

to give you some news what i have done so far:

  • reverted back to TELSTRA WWE build which was 1.36.XXX- added latest sense 3.0 content, like cam, weather and lockscreen
  • all bugs from v0.5.0 are gone cause the older build is nice to me 😉 (thanks to my backups)- tweaks from v.0.5.0 will stay like new keyboard and some htc apps
  • disabled „locations“ cause my trial version runs out 😉 added HTC Footprints and HTC Car Launcher for that- included the new version of googles music 3.0 app
  • hopefully i get chinese running and get this apn list feature running

i want to give this rom a little more touch of the community… means YOU 😀

is there someone who can made a custom default wallpaper for that rom?
some kind of typo only with some nice background (caron or dark stuff)

i use fonts like Verdana and BlairMdITC TT on my website and in the posts.
perhaps someone can do that for all of us…

thes price is to get some biiiig credits from me in the first posts 😀

so stay tuned… hope to get this all running on this weekend so that you all have time to test it.



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