[ROM] Saga LBC MOD v0.6.0 – Released

Saga LBC Mod v0.6.0 released

Biggest Update ever for this Custom Rom

Looks like i finally did it. Took me some weeks to manage everything because of family and job there was less time to complete this work i promissed weeks ago.

Let´s see what we have know, follow this little overview and how to to install your favorite custom rom safe and fast.

In that build i´ve made a step or two back and excluded all the Sense 3.0 Apps into seperate Add-ons. So you can take those Apps you want but don´t have to take all.

Here are the Packages:

Sense 3 3D Launcher and 3D Widgets

This is a backported and modified version of Sense 3.0 Rosie Launcher to work with Sense 2.1 framework.

It contains following 3D Widgets:

all Settings Widgets, SMS, HTC Twitter, HTC Stock, Bookmarks, Clock, Contacts, Mail, Weather, EReader, Photo Grid, Photo Widget, FM Radio, Music, Calculator

and slightly modified Sense 2.1 Widgets like Friendstream or Calendar to work with this mixed framework.

Sense 3 Weather and Lockscreen

The well known Sense 3.0 Weather App with Videos and new Sounds + the Kingdom Lockscreen. These two packages depend each other, thats the reason why they aren´t seperated. But you can downgrade the weather app with special modified Sense 2.1 weather app that will work with Kingdom Lockscreen. You can also download a package to revert back to Sense 2.1 weather sounds.

Sense 3 SMS App with backup

It´s the same Version which is included in the base rom but with bubbles instead of a list view. Both versions have the backup/restore option to safe you sms messages.

Sense 3 Camera

This Camera app has some special features the Sense 2.1 cam didn´t have. Photos can be taken much faster (quickshot) and you can record HD videos. The only problem is the CPU. IF you are using the stock kernel you can only record with max 14fps. if you are overclocked you can use higher rates.

Also there are a lot of other Add-Ons and Add-Offs for this Rom which are nearly self explaining. You can find them here: ADD-ONS

You can mix all these packages like you want. If there is no packages to revert something, there is no possibility to revert it. You have to flash the base rom again, to beginn again.

If you have some screwed icons in the widget picker list, when you want to add a new widget to the homescreen, please delete all rosie data in /applications/manage applications/all applications/htc sense (delete data). than you have to re-add all your widgets to homescreen but the scrwed icons are gone.

So that should be enough for today. If you have questions or problems visit XDA Developers and ask in the development post related to this rom.


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