OTA Updates are done! Rebuild is next!

Saga LBC Mod v0.5.4 RELEASED!

OTA Updates available for HTC Desire S

I just finished my android work for today. and i have to say i´m really proud of myself. 😉

I managed to get rom download via RomManager and OTA updates too. This was only possible with great guide from @koush he had on his blog-page.

The source of the OTA Support is on my github now, which is only the beginning. Next Versions will be added to github too, as far as possible.

Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

OTA Updates available for HTC Saga

OTA Updates available via RomManager

That leads me to another BIG News. As i said earlier this day on XDA i started to rebuild the hole rom again to cook it with new HTC sources (HTC europe build 1.48 and HTC asia WWE build 1.47). Let´s see if i can get this merged and my stuff running.

But this is something for the upcomming week. I will try to add something day by day. The update.zip for OTA support will be released in this minutes. You all will be the first ones who can test „Over the Air“ updates for Saga LBC Mod 😉

Stay tuned, the next days will be full of work 😉

Hope someone of you will make some wallpaper.

Regards and good night

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